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Bunion Splints | Two Units

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Orthopedic pieces for bunions include a pair of ultralight splints with which you can walk effectively, avoiding greater pressure on the index finger by separating it from the thumb, relieving discomfort and favoring the ideal positioning of the toes. Bunion support is made with self-adjusting elastic fibers, breathable fabrics that prevent sweat on the foot and allow for daily use. Bunion orthoses are one of the most commonly used methods because they are practical, safe and reliable for eliminating annoying bunions.


Bunion orthoses

  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made with elastic, hypoallergenic materials resistant to daily use, breathable to prevent sweating and ensure hygiene and safety with every step. Includes a bag to protect the correctors.
  • ADAPTABLE: Thanks to its anatomical design, it comes in a universal size that adapts to the foot of the ideal user to use when suffering from bunions or in case of postoperative care.
  • DISCREET: Bunion correctors discreet and practical can be worn under your socks, providing comfortable compression and going unnoticed, they can be used with any type of footwear.
  • CORRECTOR: Toe separator whose function is to separate so that the joint of the index finger does not exert pressure on the thumb and deform it outward, its use is recommended in the early stages or preventively if you have hereditary factors.


Breathable Bunion Corrector

Bunion corrector duo is recommended by doctors, specialists and podiatrists for daily use to try to avoid bunion correction surgery, bunion correctors allow you to wear any type of shoe regaining confidence in every step and helping you eliminate pain, rubbing and irritation.


Bunion Splints Set

✔ Elastic and Breathable Fabric.

✔ Universal Size - Adaptable

✔ Compatible with Any Footwear.

✔ Machine Washable.

✔ Indicated for Use during Day and Night.

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